Thursday, March 1, 2012

Become a Change-Master!

If you remember, one of the qualities of the  IEPs is that they are Change-Masters; The Sixth Quality: They Are Change-Masters

Herewith McGhee Productivity Solutions is sharing this productivity tip that will help you overcome the most common of your limiting beliefs and become more efficient and productive.

Back to Basics:  10 Beliefs That Limit Productivity

When clients start to make positive changes toward improving their productivity, they often bump up against their unconscious limiting beliefs and find making the changes hard.  Therefore, it is a good idea to acknowledge the limiting beliefs ahead of time so that you can begin the process of turning them around (moving them from the ‘unconscious’ to the ‘conscious’).  Limiting beliefs, unconscious by nature, are usually buried beneath statements with which most of us are familiar.  We want to help you clarify yours by offering 10 of the most common statements we hear from our clients and the limiting beliefs that also accompany them.  Then we will look under each statement at a new belief and general solution to help you create and foster increased productivity:

There’s too much information coming at me too fast, and I can’t keep up.
LIMITING BELIEF: I should be able to handle all the information that is coming at me
NEW BELIEF:  There is a way to be in control of my email, and I can regularly have an empty Inbox
SOLUTIONS:  The volume of email isn’t really the issue; how you process and organize the volume is.  Learning how to use the “Four D’s for Decision Making” can transform this belief.

I get too many interruptions
LIMITING BELIEF: Interruptions are a necessary part of my day-to-day experience
NEW BELIEF:  I create boundaries that allow me to manage interruptions successfully
SOLUTIONS:  You can reduce the number of interruptions you receive and get your “real work” done during the day by implementing personal boundaries that allow you and your staff to create scheduled uninterrupted work time.

I don’t have the discipline to be organized
LIMITING BELIEF: I am an easygoing person – I’m not a disciplined person
NEW BELIEF:  Discipline is a decision, not a personality trait, and therefore I can be organized and use a system effectively.
SOLUTIONS:  Discipline is a skill that you already possess; you demonstrate it every day.  The key to discipline is creating the appropriate motivation to make the specific changes you want.  This enthusiasm then drives you to be disciplined.

I have to keep everything
LIMITING BELIEF: As soon as I get rid of it, you just know I’m going to need it
NEW BELIEF:  I don’t need most of what I keep, and so I am letting go and trusting my new system in which the Delete key is my friend.
SOLUTIONS:  OK, prepare yourself.  On average, the clients we weork with throw away 50% of their stored information, and they feel lighter, happier, and have more time.

It takes too much time to get productive
LIMITING BELIEF: My job is more important than the effort it takes to implement a new system
NEW BELIEF:  I’m happily investing in my system, and my productivity is increasing
SOLUTIONS:  You can save one to two hours a day using an Integrated Management System.  This fact alone more than justifies the upfront investment required to set it up.

I can’t find what I need when I need it
LIMITING BELIEF: My system doesn’t work and so I rely on my memory
NEW BELIEF:  Reference systems are easy to set up and they save me time.
SOLUTIONS:  Setting up a Reference System is a skill that anyone can learn, and it’s a skill that can save you 50 minutes a day.

Organization cramps my freedom and creativity
LIMITING BELIEF: It’s not possible to be creative and organized at the same time
NEW BELIEF:  It is possible to be organized and spontaneous; in fact, organization promotes my experience of freedom and creativity.
SOLUTIONS:  Organization actually fosters and supports creativity and spontaneity

I’m no good with technology
LIMITING BELIEF: Technology is hard to learn, and I’m not a technical person
NEW BELIEF:  I can learn to use technology and it supports me in being productive and effective
SOLUTIONS:  Using technology is a skill anyone can learn with the right education.  You’ll be surprised at the personal satisfaction that comes from using technology more effectively.

There is not enough time in the day!
LIMITING BELIEF: I should be able to do everything I want to do in a day
NEW BELIEF:  I can’t do everything, but by working effectively with my calendar, I can get the most important things done
SOLUTIONS:  Lack of time is seldom the issue.  The real issue is working in cooperation with your calendar and deciding on what you can do given the amount of time you have

I’m not organized by nature
LIMITING BELIEF: Organization is a gene that’s passed down the family line, but I didn’t get it!
NEW BELIEF:  I can learn to be organized and have fun with it
SOLUTIONS:  Organization is an exceptionally simple skill that you can learn just like any other.  In fact, it’s a skill that’s easier to pick up than are most of the skills you learned in your current career!

Take some time to review areas where you are being productive and areas where you are encountering obstacles.  Look at which one of these 10 Beliefs are most aligned with the problems you are encountering, and really practice letting go and taking on a new belief that supports your productivity.  Sometimes, the basics are the easiest part of the system to forget, so refresh yourself regularly and maintain control and organization around your productivity.
"Try not. Do or do not. There is not try." - Yoda